Antonio Cuevas

Antonio Cuevas
Joliet, Illinois

Home Gym:
Charter Fitness Joliet


Beta Ataline
Fish oils
Rule 1 Protein
BSN Nitrix

Fitness Goals:

“Fitness isn’t just for your body. It’s for your mind and spirit!”
Antonio “Tony” Cuevas is 24 years old male born in Chicago, IL and resides in Minooka, IL. He proud Mexican family and has one younger brother and sister. Tony works security when he is not training and is a proud father of an amazing 2-year-old boy. With 6 years under his belt. Tony started working out as a hobby, which soon became his passion. He received his personal training certificate through wits in 2014 and hasn’t looked back.“Consistency and a positive attitude is key!” "I take no days off and train hard and heavy every day. Because if I don’t work hard for it somebody else will. I strive to be the best me I can be!"