There are four key parts to a healthy lifestyle, Nutrition, Sleep, Cardio and Resistance training, of these four the most important is nutrition. It all starts and ends in the kitchen.

To produce your results we look at the genes related to four major categories Weight loss Ability, Macronutrients in the diet, Micronutrients and Response to Exercise.

With the nutrition results, we focus on Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins (Macros), vitamins and minerals (Micros). The test will reveal what types of foods you should eat to get your desired results, whether it be Athleticism, weight-loss or just longevity.

There are to markers genotypes which discussed and phenotypes (Physical) characterisitics. One does not necessarily correspond to the other. It is difficult to determine whether or not you’re getting enough macros/micros, even if you log them in a food diary (albeit very helpful). With your customized report we can offer you precise amounts and will give you sample food menus. So let’s take the guess work out of this and live a long healthy prosperous life.

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