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The CliqueDNA program includes a DNA collection kit shipped to your preferred address and laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 42 genetic markers. You will also receive an online interactive CliqueDNA report that will have an analysis of 15 micronutrient tendencies,recommendations to help you address any potential deficiencies, supporting scientific research, a printable PDF version of your CliqueDNA report, as well as online health content (videos, articles, recipes, etc.) targeted to you based on your genetic profile.

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CliqueDNA Kits

1 w/o 23 and Me, 2 w/o 23 and Me, 3 w/o 23 and Me, 4 w/o 23 and Me, 1 w/23 and Me, 2 w/ 23 and Me, 3 w/ 23 and Me, 4 w/23 and Me


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