What is CliqueDNA: 

Recent studies have discovered that your unique genetic makeup (a “secret code” in your DNA)impacts the way your body responds to fitness routines and diets. This is due to “genotypes” - unique genetic variations of the three million base pairs of DNA that we all have.

However, scientists have discovered that these “genotypes” can also determine how your body reacts to food, or exercise.

Genotypes are inherited from our ancestors, and they’re what give us blue eyes, or darker hair. They can also put us at risk of diseases; think of genetic disorders, which are passed down through DNA.

Right now, most diets are “one size fits all” - they do not take your personal traits into consideration. That’s why some diets are simply destined to fail before you even begin them.


The solution is actually quite simple. Instead of checking your whole DNA, they let you test for specific parts of your DNA - the genotypes that matter most to you, and the results you want to achieve.

There are many options, including special tests for men or women, or tests for rare diseases.

The results from this test can help you discover how your body responds to exercise and food.

CliqueDNA test teaches you about

  • Which foods you can enjoy without worrying
  • Which foods might be especially harmful to you
  • How much rest you need between workouts
  • How well you can control your appetite naturally
  • Your likely testosterone levels
  • Your likely vitamin levels

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