Let’s face it no one likes to age, however it’s the inevitable, but what if you knew what foods, medicines, life style habits, environmental conditions. Well your Genotype can tell you all of that.

The categories in this test that are analyzed are:

  • How You Feel
  • How You Function
  • How You Look

To empower you with the best genetic testing knowledge possible, we have established stringent criteria. We select the largest and most scientifically valid genome. Your results indicate which gene combinations you have in each category and you’ll receive a rating.

Your ratings reflect your potential level of response to diet, exercise, lifestyle and other behaviors with regards to how your body feels, functions and looks, including an array of traits ranging from how likely you are to crave sugar to your risk of mental acuity declined, based on genetic analysis. While the analysis may show you have the potential, either way, there are other factors, behavioral and environmental play a huge role.


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